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Emotional Intelligence And Success: Irrational Thoughts We All Have

We possess thoughts that are not rational and do not know them. The thoughts that are not rational prevent us from being successful and deprive us of the contentment we desire. When you recognize a thought that is not rational, the best step is to break it and substitute it with a positive belief. There are the best irrational thoughts that can make the smart and rational people victims. In case any one of them is like you and do what it takes to find a nice way to think.

One has to be competent in all the aspects or there will be no success. When you believe that you need to be competent in all the things in order to be successful, you will set up yourself for failure. You need not be a professional in all the aspects. Your main power lies in what you are aware of and not in what you do not.

In case you have the notion that you have no power on your emotions, you need to think about making yourself educated regarding those emotions. It is quite possible to manage your feelings and you can control how you behave and respond to some situations.

When you believe that errors are not a choice, you need to ponder again. Errors can take place quite often. Our errors have the strength to make us better than we used to be before. Instead of believing you cannot make an error, you need to be aware that the errors are not only helpful but important also.

One has to impress others in order to feel nice about oneself. This notion is the best means to make yourself up for failure as nobody can impress all the smart people all the time. The only individual you can impress in yourself.  When you are content in yourself, all the aspects will start to work for you.

It is good to have other people adore you and it does not have to be on top of your list. In case a person is my critic, then there must be something that is not right in me. If you are the object of criticism, you need to ask “Is this regarding me or is it regarding the individual speaking?”

Criticism implies that you need to view things from a different perspective or opine in a different manner. The best thing is not to take it in a personal way and enable them to be what it is actually.

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