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Amazing Inventions: Electric Pen Brings Drawings to Life

The big amazing aspects of the technology never stop to surprise us! One advertisement released by Japanese infrastructure firm Kandenko shows a pen from the Japanese startup AgIC and that consists of ink that can conduct electricity with utmost ease.

The pen traces the line drawings of the buildings, houses and infrastructures on paper and then the bulbs brighten up when the ink links with the circuits. You may view the lit up paper that may fast come to life as 3D miniature hi-tech structures that will make you feel just similar to a little child once again.

The makers of the advertisement generates some inspiration from the kid’s pop up books. Kandenko the Japanese infrastructure firm is involved in several spheres that include telecommunications and electrical. They have introduced a new video that shows an AgIC pen that enables you to get ink that immediately conducts electricity over paper.

The nice and artistic appeal of the pen is shown in its glory in this nice and promotional video known as “Future with bright lights”. The pens embarks a journey through the small towns and streets that make the path lightened up as it moves along.

A token hand shows in the video to get some paper structures as the electric circuit develops. The producers based some of the new concepts in the kid’s pop-up books and took many takes to get the best shot. The smooth video flow and some relaxing music may inspire you to make your own electricity art.

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