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What You Must Have If You’re in Love With Boho Style

Are you in love with boho style and looking for fashion pieces that your wardrobe needs? If yes, then you have a good reason for reading this article. For individuals who consider themselves as boholite, this article will give them a few pieces to help them maximize on their wardrobe’s versatility.  This is just a starting point since the final appearance of your wardrobe will depend on your personal style.Maxi Skirt

boho style

A maxi skirt refers to a piece that you will be able to turn over easily and is certainly what you need when crafting a bohemian outfit. This is a simple solid outfit which can easily be worn with a maxi skirt and a graphic T-shirt.  In addition, the maxi skirt can be won with g top knot and gladiator sandals. The maxi skirt is a great outfit when won with a solid –color V-neck and floppy sun hat. It can also be won with a button flannel and a chambray top.

Ankle boots

Ankle boots

Boho girls love wearing skirts that are short, which they tuck into a skinny jean.  Wearing such skirts with ankle boots will certainly make them comfortable when watching concerts. Ankle boots can be won with skinny jeans they look awesome with skirts and dresses. If you choose fitted shoes and shorter skirts, they look fabulous.

Chic hair-bands and head-wraps

boho hair

As a boho girl, you need a head-wrap and a headband to look fabulous. You can also combine them with head-wraps to help you look stylish. Wearing them with an elastic hippie headband and could be won so that they go past the hairline. Hair-bands can add glamour and fashion to your style.

Gladiator Sandals

boho shoes

The sandals are light, polished and look fashionable. Those that stop before the ankle are the most loved since they look bold and fabulous. High heel gladiators and skinny jeans and skirts will certainly make you happy.

Cardigans sweaters

boho style

These are meant for aesthetic and can be a good outfit for a boho girl. You can opt for the see me through version. It is a great thing to wear and will make you look awesome. They are light and can be won during winter and spring. It can be bought from any of the retailers and is considered great.

Wearing a tank top underneath the cardigan can make you look great. If combined with high heeled clogs, a headband and a cross body bag will certainly make you appear great.

Wear the cardigan over a floral dress, knee high boots, opaque tights, knee high socks and legwarmers and socks.

Floppy hats

boho style

Floppy hats are awesome and can be won during the cold weather season.  The inexpensive ones will certainly serve the purpose even though you can choose to buy the expensive ones as well. A simple sun hat with sandals sunglasses can be a perfect outfit for outdoor activities and picnics.  The floppy brimmed hats can add gypsy flair to the fall and can also be won as a winter outfit.

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