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The Weirdest Facts About Pokémon Go

Trendy and cute Pokemon Go is creating a buzz on the planet Earth. The human beings are enjoying the great conditions to get them. It is possible that there is nothing people would not do to do the hatching and evolve the small buggers.

The chase is going on and thanks to the Nintendo’s new Pokemon Go game. If you reside beneath a rock and have not heard yet, it is quite an addictive reality smartphone app. It gets the players on a wild goose chase after all types of Pokemon over the genuine landscapes.

It is a small chase, making the gamers go on their duffs and onto their feet. It was made by the San Francisco startup Niantic Labs who is a great game maker made out of Google, the free mobile app that started in America, New Zealand and Australia.

The scavenger hunt moved to the top app wherever it was accessible. Various shares of the Japanese firm moved up in the game’s success and added $7.5 billion to its market value in two days.

A guy got hold of a Pidgey and his wife gave birth

Theriot got the urge to get a Pidgey Pokemon and his wife gave birth to a varied type of a creature who had got an animated form.

One girl discovered a dead body

Shayla was on the trail of a Pokemon when she discovered a corpse that was there in the Big Wind River. The nineteen year old made the discovery after jumping onto a fence to get the best of the cartoon creatures.

She was asked by CNN whether finding the dead body would cease her from playing the game.

Robbers utilized it to fool the victims

The hide and seek game has been utilized to get more than Lucario, Blaziken and Snortax. The four teenaged hooligans utilized it as a bait to get the victims.

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