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How May Commenting On Your Child’s Weight Affect His Beliefs

Childhood obesity i sone of the most important issues that global health confronts nowadays. The statistics vary to a great degree. In the past thirty years the rate of obesity in the kids has doubled to a great extent and in teens it has quadrupled. The health risk linked with the kids have been astronomical.

Many parents may not know all the health related problems that arise from childhood obesity. Most of them are concerned with the well-being of their kids and know that to be overweight is not considered to be healthy and has some consequences.

The way a parent approaches this problem is very significant. Prior to telling your kid, there are some aspects that you would want to take into consideration.

You have to deal with the weight of the kid

The parents have to interact with an obese kid regarding their weight. Parents can be torn in this situation. In case the parents mention something they can have the risk of making the kid feel ashamed and cause immense harm to their self-esteem and also lead to making his or her body image distorted. This aspect may cause some eating issues, depression and other harmful problems.

In case they opt to mention nothing, they will miss the chance to assist in preventing their kid from having some serious and long duration health issues.

A completely new study provides this guidance

Many of the researchers do not differentiate between negative and positive comments in the study published in the “Eating and Weight Disorder Journal”.  Any comment that a child knew regarding their weight exhibited a heavy body mass index. There was also some kind of discontentment with their body.

Some of the other studies have been able to associate the comments of the parents to an enhanced obesity risk. A big government funded study exhibited that the ten year old girls mentioned that an adult nearby them had remarked that they were very fat. When they reached the age of nineteen, they got the label that they were very obese.

Parents need not comment on the weight of their kid and that may include criticism and teasing. They have to avoid motivating their kids to diet or recommend that they have to lose their weight. They have to avoid some of the foods and tell their kids that some of the foods are nasty and they have to limit the diet of their kids.

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