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Seven Interactive Websites Helping You to Achieve New Skills

In order to learn something new one has to go an extra mile and that is an exciting aspect. The issue is that many of us get engrossed in distractions all through the day. We never find any time to learn new skills when we desire.

Many of us spend hours learning a new skill and give up after some months and that time is very valuable.

Fortunately, there is a good solution.

We can take immense benefit of the great website that can really assist us in learning a new skill in just thirty minutes. There are some of the best websites that will train us on a wide range of topics.


It covers marketing, business, design and software tools. You can get access to many courses and also hone your skills in Photoshop, business and software.


The topics covered in it are software tools, photography, marketing and design.

You can get access to the on-demand courses taught by professionals like Guy Kawasaki and Gary Vaynerchuk.


The topics covered are foreign languages and the estimated time duration is just fifteen to thirty minutes.

Rype, your personal trainer will teach you the languages. You can get one on one private language lessons with expert teachers all around the world. Every lesson is only for thirty minutes.


The topics covered are productivity and life hacks. This site provides you tips to improve your life and make it more productive. It is only five minutes a day and you only have to learn some new life hacks in order to enhance your lifestyle.


The topics covered are software development. It is a great approach to coding. It can assist anyone to develop a website through an interactive learning method. You may learn any programming language like JavaScript, HTML, Ruby on Rails and much more.


The topics covered are fitness and health. Many of us are not able to get into shape that we desire to due to lack of ample time. This website will make you go through many routines to let you be in proper shape.


The topics covered are meditation. You may get guided meditations to your screen. You may learn varied kinds of meditation where a trainer will be guiding you through a step by step guide.

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