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Personality Traits That Are Associated With A Better Sex Life

A new study has found out an association between some kinds of personalities and the quality and frequency of the sex life. At least two hundred and seventy eight of the newly wed couples took active participation and kept the everyday journals.

The study that was published in the Journal of Research in Personality saw the sex lives of the newly wed couples to view the link between the person’s personality traits and the possibility of sex in a specific day. It analysed the link between these traits and person’s contentment with sex when it took place.

Nearly 278 couples became ready to keep their everyday journal entries regarding their sessions for at least two weeks. The entries showed how the couples had sex and how they got satisfaction from it. At the end of the study, the couples were asked to complete a personality test that consisted of five traits called as Big 5 in personality psychology. Two of the traits were powerful predictors of good and frequent sex.

The first one was “Agreeableness” and that is the tendency to value in order to be with the others. Wives who agree to their husbands had more sex with them according to the study. The second aspect was “Neuroticism” that is the thing about being envious, jealous and moody.

Wives and husbands who had a low rank in neuroticism had more contented sex life. The personality of the partner was not related to sexual contentment. The researchers have to be careful to observe that these personality traits do not lead to a better sex life and it is a usual link between them. The study did not give coverage of the appearance, money and celebrity.

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