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The Most Annoying Resume Mistakes That Make a Bad First Impression

Most of the people are not aware about how to market their accomplishments and there are some errors that recruiters view again and again no matter the candidate’s educational qualifications. Here are some resume tips based on the most frequent mistakes recruiters see:


The biggest mistakes that the job seekers actually make is that they are very sloppy. They pay bad attention to details. They might be lazy. Several resumes typos and bad fonts are not welcomed. In addition, outdated information and details that are not relevant are always irritating and may make a bad impression.

Long summaries

Some of the summaries are too irritating as they are sometimes written in a formal tone. They have several adjectives. These types of summaries may look like a big chapter in a book. It is better to have a list of some bullets with some accomplishments and a tag line.

Beginning with a bullet point

This is one more sloppy aspect that may be viewed several times on the resumes. The candidates have to be aware that the beginning sentence actually exhibits to the reader the most important aspects of what a candidate is looking for. That is why you have to take some additional few minutes in order to explain what you achieved.

Several buzzwords

You may start use the jargon like team player. These are some of the baseline anticipations in the market nowadays.

However, an individual who is an exceptional issue solver may lose a job if he’s making abuse of some words. Some of the formal resumes can be very annoying as they are not engaging and do not enable the reader to get a nice sense of the personality of the applicant.

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