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Communication Skills: How Pronouns Can Affect Our Relationships

Most of us have not taken into consideration the fact about how to utilize the words, specifically the pronouns. We have to know that sometimes words affect the relationship’s quality.

One has to choose the inclusive pronouns in our interactions and develop a sense of purpose and unit in our relationships. When we choose and utilize the singular and possessive pronouns, we have a tendency to make ourselves isolated and alienate the ones who share our lives.
“I”, “me”, “she”, “he”, “you”, “it”, “that”, “they”, few, who, whose etc are words that take the noun’s place. We use them many times in our lives. They help in shaping our lives and the life quality we share. How we make use of the pronouns mentions a great deal about what we think of the others, our lives and ourselves.

It seems to be easy but if in case we learn to use less pronouns and more of others, we may enjoy a great deal of high quality life. It may be a big surprise to you to be aware of the greatest quality of life.

It will be a great surprise for you to be aware that the pronouns “I” and “me” can be very destructive pronouns for one to use. When we make use if the pronouns “I”, we eradicate the existence of anybody else but ourselves.

The word “me” also shows that we have no concern for another individual in our statement. It is not a surprise that the term “mine” may be utilized to explain the state of ownership and a deep hole or a type of bomb.

You have to take into consideration how several conflicts start in the relationships because of the use of the word “mine” . You have to consider the result of the conflicts that end in a bad manner because of the use of the words “me”, “mine” or “I”. Each conflict may lead to a tragedy and that may include some terms like “mine”, “I” or “me”.

People sometimes end up all alone because of the exaggerated use of the words “me”, “mine” and “I”. People may hurt each other in a deep manner due to the use of these three words. People can be in prison and court due to their use of these words.

People may be dead due to the use of certain terms like me, I and mine. It is quite ironic in case we know how to substitute the three words and enjoy a great productive life. Several of the social norms motivate and honor the utilization of singular and possessive pronouns. You have to consider how usual it is nowadays to mention the phrase. “That is my car, I purchased it.

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