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How To Manage Envy and Negative Emotions at Work

Are you envious when you learn of the success of your colleagues?  They landed that highly looked after client or were chosen by the management for unique performance in front of the entire firm. It may be possible they are celebrated in the media.

You want to feel contented for them and a portion of you is having some envy. Envy is one thing that we feel from time to time. Some of us know it is not easy to manage envy and sometimes you need to pay attention to this aspect. Envy harms the relationships and also weakens performance of an organization. It may harm anyone who can feel it. If you are obsessed with a person’s success, your self-respect suffers to a great extent and it can hamper your performance.

It is quite cumbersome to manage envy as it is difficult to admit that we harbor an emotion that is not accepted. Our discomfort can lead us to hide and deny our feelings and make things bad. Envy can suppress the chances for someone else and for you. You need to be careful to understand it. Envy can be really nice or it may be very harmful.  You can make envy work for you and your team instead of ignoring it. There are two means that I have discovered.

If you think for instance that your colleague got a promotion to an elevated position than you and you are not one hundred percent contented for her. What does it explain to you? Do you need more responsibility or position or respect?

Rubin, who is the author of the bestselling book, Happier Each Day, explains about reading the Law School’s alumni magazine and knowing that she did not have any envy of her friends who were elevating in the legal profession. It was the ones who were becoming published authors and she was envious of them.

She utilized it as a data point and keenly listened to it. It encourages her to leave the legal profession and become an author. Is it possible that you have to think in a different way regarding your possibilities? They might be something to learn from the instance of the individual you envy.

I had learned this lesson all through my career. I came to know that I had envy with someone and came to know that a huge part of her success is that she is not at all scared to ask other to assist her by giving her introduction to others who could assist her.

If you ask for that type of assistance that is not easy for me to do and it is clear that it is an important part of her success. I am taking some steps to do this quite often and it is like revealing of a fact. People like to assist and it builds relationship.

When we do the comparisons, we actually forget all the progress and positive aspects that have occurred just recently. You have to think of 5 things of your work and career and where you have accomplished your objectives or got positive feedback.

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