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Different Types Of Coffee That People Enjoy Around The World

People all over the world adhere to the same ritual and take a cup of coffee. Americans do not consider lemon, pepper and cheese that is the best java mix-ins and in other cultures that are the norm.

Here are some points of how coffee is drunk all over the world:

Kaffeost – Finland


Hot coffee is poured on the cheese curds in Finland. Finnish people like the weird combo.

Turk Kahvesi – Turkey


The finely ground and roasted coffee beans are placed in a special brass or copper pot known as cezve. Turkish coffee is something special and is made in such a way so that it settles to the bottom. You need to drink it with the grounds.

Yuanyang – Malaysia


This sumptuous strong drink may be served cold or hot and is a blend of milk and black tea.

Flat White – Australia


This Australian favorite is prepared by putting some microfoam on an espresso shot.

Frappe – Greece


Frappe is a famous summer beverage in Greece and that has iced instant coffee mixed in milk foam.

Espresso Romano – Italy


Italian espresso has got a lemon slice and can bring the best and sweet flavours.

Ca phe da – Vietnam


It is considered to be strong and sweet and this iced coffee is prepared with ground dark roast coffee. It is made into a cup of condensed ice and milk through a French drip filter.

Café de Olla – Mexico


It is missed with a cinnamon stick and conventional Mexican coffee and utilizes piloncillo and is served in a clay mug. It gives some nice coffee flavours.

Café Touba – Senegal


This drink has got flavours of Guinea pepper and some cloves. The spices are blended with some roasted coffee beans and then filter them for a coffee fast.

Cafezinho – Brazil


Cafezinho is the most famous drink for the local people. It is same as that of an espresso. Cafezinhos are usually very small. The only variation is that the cafezinhos are sweetened beforehand and they can be brewed with some sugar.

Café Bombon – Spain


The ones who like coffee, Bombon is very nice to impress. An adequate amount of condensed milk is mixed with black coffee.

Irish coffee – Ireland


This coffee is a nice hybrid of hot coffee, Irish whiskey and sugar. It is nicely topped with a thick cream.

Wiener Melange – Austria


This drink is topped with espresso and is steamed with milk foam and milk. It has got some cocoa powder and whipped cream.

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