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How Are Messaging Apps Changing The Way That Businesses Interact With Customers

A nice conversation with a helpful retail employee. However, the individual who assisted me was not an individual. It was a bot. The conversation did not take place on H& or the mobile app of the company. It occurred on Kik which is a third party messaging app.

This is the time of conversation commerce and the word for online business that is powered by natural language technologies. It is a blend of amazing, rich visual interfaces and artificial intelligence technologies from Facebook, Amazon and brands may scale individual, helpful and relevant interactions with the customers.

Users are in the habit of having an interaction on the messaging apps. The utilization of the mobile brand apps has been there since the year 2008. Nowadays six of the topmost ten global apps are messaging apps utilized by 1.4 billion people all over the world and increasing by 12 percent every year.

Messenger and Facebook’s WhatsApp are leading the pack. WeChat has got ten million business accounts that are known as official accounts. At least six hundred and fifty million monthly users can have active interaction within means same to who they interact with your friends.

You may send an emoticon to Starbucks and then Starbucks will send a song back to you that suits your mood. Messaging gives a continuous thread between the brand and the customer. An email that has got order confirmation may get lost in the inbox but a conversation on the messaging apps is like an ongoing dialog.

This difference can make a follow-up conversation simpler and natural and thus enhance the chances to cross-sell and motivate sharing and flow between support and commerce. The biggest benefit of these app-based, AI-driven conversation is the ability for the brand to close fast about what the customers require based on sound knowledge of the context.

The brand can provide the customer a small set of important options that address the requirements but have some room for extra alternatives. The user has got a genuine status and that makes the process easier for a brand to provide logical information.

The trade-off for brands is that they provide some control to the apps and they involve the customers on Twitter or Facebook. There are some firms that move into conversational commerce in an aggressive manner. is an instance for a conversation pioneer on Amazon’s Alexa and Messenger.

The firm could start a beta product within the time frame of ninety days and have its CEO as its champion and charge a corporate marketing unit with some effort and have some people IT and merchandising in order to prevent internal debates. The company depends on external experts for bot technology and experience design. Conversational commerce is under the management of a new channel and it has some anticipation that will be additional. When it gets matured it will be completed embedded in the brands of the company.

In case having an interaction with a flower firm’ customer service on Messenger feels human, that is due to the fact that it is. The company concentrated on developing and designing a bot based commerce customer experience and make the customer service staff do the interpretation of the service queries from the customers.

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