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Does The 8 Hour Workday Still Work?

The industrial revolution brought about the 8-hour workday. This was meant to cut down the number of hours employees had to endure while working in industries. This was 200 years ago. This practice has some relevance with what we do today but the entire concept does not work in the society we live in. The labor law requires that we work for 8 hours every day.  A study has established that the length of work day is not important.  What matters most is how you actually structure your day. People who take short breaks were found to be more productive than those who work for longer hours.

According to studies, after working for 52 minutes, you need to take 17 minutes of rest.  If this schedule is maintained, it results in 100% dedication on work. The short breaks help them to read mails and chat on Facebook. At this time, people take a break from work and this helps them to come back refreshed and ready to work.

Human brains requires 15 -20 minutes break after working for 1 hour. Studies show that the brains functions in spurts of high and low energy. The natural flow of energy allows us to be more productive when the flow is high and less productive during low spurts.

Frustration and exhaustion will always lower ones productivity. This means that when distraction and fatigue sets in, one needs to take a break to re-energize him. Ensure that you take a real break and engage in a different activity which is not related to what you normally do. For instance checking mail or watching you tube cannot be treated as a break especially for people whose work involves use of a computer.

To get your body into a perfect rhythm, consider the following tips.

Break you day into hourly interval

Have a plan of what you want to accomplish by the end of the month, week or day. When you plan your day you need to break your task into manageable pieces and structure your schedule around 52 minute intervals.

Respect your rest period

The interval strategy will only give you the desired results if you actually rest during the resting period. Do not engage in other activities such as checking mails, checking your Facebook because such approach defeats the purpose of resting.

Studies show that employees who take more rest are more productive than those who work for the rest of the day.  Getting away from your computer and engaging in a different activity is recommended. Take a stroll or talk to a friend during the break period. If your job is manual, you can read some book during the rest period. Get away from your computer or your phone and do something that is totally different to help boost productivity. Walking around the compound can help you recharge yourself for the days’ work.

Don’t wait to get tired before you take a break

There is no point of waiting for the body to get tired before you actually take the break. Ensure that you keep to your schedule and rest when it is time to rest. Resting for shorter regular periods will enhance productivity.

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