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Healthy Life: What You Need To Do To Live Longer

Leading healthy lifestyle is important since it determines the quality of life and how long you will live. If your lifestyle is not good, it is necessary that you make some adjustments to help you live longer. According to a recent study, the following were thought to be bad behaviors that can reduce your lifespan. They include: not exercising, drinking too much alcohol, not eating enough veggies and fruits and smoking. These activities are believed to reduce your lifespan by as many as 12 years.

Luckily, you can do something about this and lead a healthy life.  Here are   some of the habits you need to adopt to help you keep your body young and radiant.

Stop Over-Eating

People, who want to live long, must make a habit of leaving some food on their plate. Studies carried out in Japan found out that the older Japanese stop eating when they start feeling 80 % full. According to the research carried out in Louis University, it was found that eating less will slow down the rate at which you age. When you limit the amount of calories you eat, it lowers the production of T3. This is a thyroid hormone that slows down the rate of metabolism and in effect speeds up the aging process.

Get busy

It is recommended that you have satisfying sex three times per week. This will help to add about 3 years to your life. Regular sex lowers blood pressure improves ones sleep and plays an important role in enhancing your immunity. In addition, satisfying sex is believed to help protect the heart. Also, when you get busy, it also helps to burn calories.  Running for 30 minutes every day is important since it helps to burn more calories and keep the body fit.

Avoid spending too much time watching TV

When you spend too much time watching the TV, it may have a serious toll on your health. According to one of the studies conducted in 2010, it was found that people who watch TV for more than 4 hours per day had 46% chances of dying from any other cause other than those who watch it for only two hours. The study established that every hour of TV watched increases your overall risk of dying by 11 % and increases the risk of dying from heart related diseases by 18%.

Avoid too much sun

Too much sun is believed to be the number one cause of skin cancer. It can also keep you looking young. It prevents wrinkles, saggy skin and fine lines.  Too much sun will also damage spots and splotches on your neck and chest. This will make you appear older.

Have a strong network of friend

According to research, one is at a greater risk of heart diseases if he does not have a strong network of friend.  Being lonely can cause inflammation and can be compared to smoking or eating food with high cholesterol. Elderly people who are lonely are prone to depression

Note that drinking small amount of alcohol is actually good for your health. However, when a woman drinks more than 2 drinks it may adversely affect her. Similarly, a man who drinks more than 3 drinks may end up having weight or relationship problems.


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