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10 Unique Business Ideas to Inspire You in 2017

business ideas 2017

If one wishes to be successful as a businessman, you have to solve an issue or fulfil a requirement. There are 10 unique business ideas that will give your inspiration:

Container free local food shopping

There are several consumers who are very much concerned regarding the resources that may be wasted in the food packaging process. Sometimes plastic, cardboard, Styrofoam and twist ties are not recycled in a proper manner and that may lead to an environmental waste.

There are some ingredients in Austin, Texas that may solve this issue by providing container free shopping for the organic foods that are sourced locally.

Some of the ingredients may provide individual care products and host events in its beer garden. This is indeed a unique business idea.

Glass art with ashes

There are several firms like Artful Ashes that make glass by making use of ashes of the deceased near and dear ones. This business has been there since the year 2012. It provides the mourning customers means to know their pets or loved ones. You may order glass art in the form of hearts, pendants and spheres. Every piece is created by hands in Seattle, Washington.

Odor free sponges

The sponges that are stinky are not good. Folcroft which is a Scrub Daddy in Folcroft in Pennsylvania may solve this issue and is completely scratch free on smelling sponge. This firm had a great beginning when it came into existence in the year 2012.

There are now Scrub Daddy’s items in big box stores like Bath, Bed, Lowes and Wal-Mart. This is yet another unique business idea.

A 4 course daily special

It is based in Napa Valley. It provides an exceptional 4-course daily menu of comfort food dishes like a spicy fried game hen, coconut pudding and pot roast. The daily menu is posted and handwritten in the restaurant and is online. This great eatery has been there since the year 2006.

Free Lunch

Lunch spread which is in Manhattan takes the love for free food in the office and adds a great marketing strategy for the local restaurants. This firm assists in new restaurants to develop their customer bases. This is a unique business idea as it matches the businesses in the area to food that they wish to enjoy and also deliver free samples to the doors of the businesses.

The Lunchspread gives you one more surprise sample delivery. Every delivery arrives with the coupons and a card which have full information of the restaurants. In this way, you may learn a great deal about where the food is actually arriving and then reorder from the restaurant in case your employees have relished the meal. It is a fantastic and a unique business idea.

Shareable Office Space

The technology makes it feasible for the employees and the businessmen to do their jobs and operate their businesses from any place. The businesses do not have to invest in their own office space. We facilitate office space for the office and we have a highly flexible month to month membership alternatives for all from personal freelancers to huge companies.

Tinder for dogs

Tinder is a famous dating app and a page from it, BarkBuddy makes it simpler to find the best dog for you. Users mention to BarkBuddy what they are seeking for in their best pup. They then swipe yes or no on varied profiles of dogs in their area. When you have searched for the correct dog, you may set up a meet and then greet via the app. The firm makes sure that all by making use of the app are qualified to adopt. This is a unique business idea for all.

Education a la carte

Skillshare which was discovered in the year 2011, make this possible. The firm enables the experts to teach the online courses on any subject they opt for through the short videos. The students can view the classes at their own pace. They may utilize the community in order to get the feedback. Students may take some classes through the smartphones and tablets if they wish to learn. Skillshare costs a little fee of 10 US dollars each month and there is a free 14-day trial.

Bedside service

It is very exhausting to be pregnant for 9 months for several women. There is the Bed Rest Concierge that gives a wide range of services, both pre and post delivery and those include managing the baby registry, design of the nursery, diaper delivery, laundry service and preparation for the hospital.

Personally packaged small products

Minimus adopts a completely varied approach. It has been functional for a decade now. This online firm provides over 2500 varied personally packaged items and these include travel size toiletries and personal servings of different food products. It includes all the things from chips to Tabasco sauce.

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