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Mindfulness Exercises You Should Try

Mindfulness Exercises

This is a hectic and a busy world nowadays. The mind is filled constantly with positive and negative thoughts. Many of us do not have 5 minutes to sit down and relax. You can have some mindfulness exercises for at least thirty minutes or more or sit for a meditation session.

This is very important for our well-being and takes some minutes every day to have some amount of space in your mind and get a positive mind and body balance.

You may utilize some easy mindfulness exercises to give ample space to your mind and be calm in the tiring day.

There are six exercises that involved very meagre effort and may be done anytime:

  • Mindful breathing
  • Mindful observation
  • Mindful awareness
  • Mindful listening
  • Mindful immersion
  • Appreciation of the mind
  • Mindful breathing

Those exercises may be done when you stand up or sit down. In case you sit down in meditation position that will be wonderful.

You just have to concentrate on your breath for one minute.

You have to begin by breathing in and out slowly. One cycle of breath will be for six seconds.

You need to breathe in via your nose and out via your mouth. You have to make your breath flow in and out of your body.

You have to let go of your thoughts for a while. You need to get the things go off that you need to do it at a later time today or some pending projects that require your utmost attention. You may let your thoughts fall and rise on their own. You have to maintain your breath.

You have to constantly keep an eye on your breath and concentrate on your awareness sense when it gets inside your body and fills you with life.

Awareness of the mind

This exercise has been designed to have a great deal of appreciation and awareness of the easy tasks and the outcomes they accomplish.

You need to think of something that occurs daily more than one time.

Mindful listening

This exercise has been designed to open your ears to sound and train your mind to get less distracted by previous experiences. This is yet another nice mindfulness exercise.

The basic idea behind this exercise is to listen to music from a neutral standpoint.

Mindful Immersion

This exercise is to get happiness and get away from striving that we get on an everyday basis.

Mindful appreciation

You just have to observe five aspects in your day. These can be people or objects and it is totally up to you.

Mindfulness exercises are pivotal as they assist us in coping with the bad thoughts and feelings that lead to anxiety and stress in daily life.


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