Mistakes to Avoid When You Want to Write a Great Resume

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You can be the best fit for the job. A hiring manager will not find that in case he trashes your resume after just seeing it and that shows some of the usual resume mistakes. A nice resume is the basics of a good and a successful job search.

It is a usual awareness that the various grammatical mistakes and the spelling errors can lead your resume into the trash. We questioned some of the recruiting managers and experts on career tips regarding the various resume errors that may lead them to throw a resume on seeing it for the first time. Read more

How Is Excel Boosting Your Productivity at Work


Microsoft Excel is a powerful program on your computer. In case you are aware of how to utilize it in a correct manner, it is highly beneficial. You have to outline your individual budget and also the earnings for a firm you would want to invest in or you may host your fantasy baseball draft and have an active working awareness of Excel that will enable you to work in an effective manner. Read more

6 High-Rated Side Jobs For When You Need Extra Money

side jobs

You just did your graduation and got your first genuine job – congratulations! That implies that you will move into a new apartment where there is some rent to cover and many bills to pay and ample furniture to purchase.

You would need some new work wardrobe and you would want to get some meal or drink in your new neighborhood hot destination. All these aspects cost a lot of money. The chances are that the job that you have taken up does not pay well as you would have wanted. Read more

Career Tips: Six Things You Should Never Ask in a Job Interview

job interview

If you come across indifferent and passive, it can be very nasty for your job chances. Moreover, that is the last aspect that you want to show in an interview for the job.

You need to avoid looking like a slacker and ensure that you have great amount of energy and enthusiasm. That is why it’s better if you move away from these 9 phrases that are certain to make you sound just similar to a human sloth. Read more

The Real Psychological Impact of Helping Your Co-Workers


When it is about assisting others in your workplace, you might think that it may improve your reputation and make the life of all the people very simple. According to a research from the Michigan State University, it is recommended that the ones who are fast and help others in the workplace can be totally exhausted from the emotional point of view and it can have some negative impact on their job performance. Read more

Leadership: Why is Personal Branding A Requirement

personal branding

Creating your personal branding is important for the career advancement as a leader. The individual branding has become a great commodity term as people have utilized social media as a nice platform to develop their individual brand and enhance their relevancy. They think that social media can instantly enhance their market value for their individual brand. It is a big journey that goes beyond the social media. Read more

Career Growth: How to Ask for a 30 Percent Raise

job and career

Moving ahead needs some stretch jobs that give your ample learning and more chances of growth. In case you are not given this kind of roles, you have to ask for them at the earliest.

If you want to use a top individual from another firm, you have to give at least thirty percent of the increase. The thirty percent shows some mixture of a larger job and fast growth and enhancement in job contentment. You would require this type of increase in order to procure a candidate to take into consideration what you need to offer. Read more

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