To Do This Summer: Five Fun Activities For Parents and Kids

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As a parent, there are a lot of fun activities that may be enjoyed with kids in the summer time. However, sometimes it is difficult to find an exciting idea. That’s why we tried to find some cool outdoor activities that may be fun and educational both for parents and for children.

You need to think out of the cardboard box. Your kid will like making a fort, a spaceship or a car in your living room. You may try to make some musical instruments and let your children on a summer evening concert. A water bottle that is empty can make a nice shaker and a plastic container and some spoons can become like a drum. The pot covers can be cymbals. Read more

Why is My Child Not Eating?

Why is My Child Not Eating?

A very sad aspect for a parent would  be if the child does not consume food. There are many incidences of overeating that take place. You are aware that food solely is not the reason children eat food. There are many reasons why the kids do not consume food. It is not always because they do not like the food that is provided to them.

There are some reasons why the children do not eat.
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