Career: What Actually Millennials Want from Their Workplace


Millennials are always leaving their jobs as people call them. According to research there is an in-depth appearance at what defines Millennials as employees and people. It has an image that may assist the firms that want to hire and retain the millennial employees.

We found out that twenty percent of the millennial workers had left their job the previous year to do a varied thing. The number is more than three times greater than that of those that are not millennials who do the similar thing. Read more

Career: Hobbies That You May Include On Your Resume

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When the conventional career suggestion is there, you need not include your hobbies on your resume. It may consume some space and waste some seconds.

In some circumstances, they may add some value to your resume and assist you to be in a nice way. In case you are searching for an internship at a firm such as Google, the past intern mentions that the hiring managers want to view some nice individual details on your resume. You have to shine and share some of the finest things of your personality that other companies might not like.

There are companies that will like viewing a hobby mentioned on your resume if it is associated with the career you are doing. In case there is a chance your hobby make you stand out from the rest of the candidates.

When a prospective employer views the hobbies of the candidate, it gives an insight into his personality traits and also the awareness of the industry.

Whatever you put into your resume is a nice during an interview. You have to ensure that you can interact regarding your passion for the hobby. There are twelve hobbies that one has to take into consideration on your resume in case you want to continue them.

Yoga exhibits your ability to be calm and in total control. In case you want a role in a highly energetic environment such as advertising or PR agency, it may make you more attractive as you can handle pressure in a nice manner.

Some extreme sports such as racing mountain bikes, ultramarathons or skydiving can exhibit prospective employers that you are comfortable in pushing the boundaries. You do not have to be scared of the unknown. You should not take calculated risks.

The production of videos as a hobby may make you a very desirable candidate for an awesome role in production or planning of an event. Live streaming and broadcasting are components of conferences or events and your interest in production of video can prove to be helpful in the job. It exhibits that you are focused and precise.

You may compete in some of the endurance sports such as triathlons, marathons or cycling. These exhibits devotion, drive and tenacity. These qualities are finest for the development of the business, account management and the role of sales. These may enhance your chances in the eyes of the hiring manager.

The Most Annoying Resume Mistakes That Make a Bad First Impression


Most of the people are not aware about how to market their accomplishments and there are some errors that recruiters view again and again no matter the candidate’s educational qualifications. Here are some resume tips based on the most frequent mistakes recruiters see:


The biggest mistakes that the job seekers actually make is that they are very sloppy. They pay bad attention to details. They might be lazy. Several resumes typos and bad fonts are not welcomed. In addition, outdated information and details that are not relevant are always irritating and may make a bad impression.

Long summaries

Some of the summaries are too irritating as they are sometimes written in a formal tone. They have several adjectives. These types of summaries may look like a big chapter in a book. It is better to have a list of some bullets with some accomplishments and a tag line.

Beginning with a bullet point

This is one more sloppy aspect that may be viewed several times on the resumes. The candidates have to be aware that the beginning sentence actually exhibits to the reader the most important aspects of what a candidate is looking for. That is why you have to take some additional few minutes in order to explain what you achieved.

Several buzzwords

You may start use the jargon like team player. These are some of the baseline anticipations in the market nowadays.

However, an individual who is an exceptional issue solver may lose a job if he’s making abuse of some words. Some of the formal resumes can be very annoying as they are not engaging and do not enable the reader to get a nice sense of the personality of the applicant.

The Jobs Attracting The Most Psychopaths


Media and films show psychopaths as people who are different such as the one in American Psycho. In fact, there is a little percentage of psychopaths who tend to be violent. Many of the psychopaths have awesome personalities and they are self-serving when you are aware of them. There are some set of traits that have a definition of a psychopath. Due to those defined traits, they are most likely to continue their careers in comparison to others. Read more

Mistakes to Avoid When You Want to Write a Great Resume

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You can be the best fit for the job. A hiring manager will not find that in case he trashes your resume after just seeing it and that shows some of the usual resume mistakes. A nice resume is the basics of a good and a successful job search.

It is a usual awareness that the various grammatical mistakes and the spelling errors can lead your resume into the trash. We questioned some of the recruiting managers and experts on career tips regarding the various resume errors that may lead them to throw a resume on seeing it for the first time. Read more

6 High-Rated Side Jobs For When You Need Extra Money

side jobs

You just did your graduation and got your first genuine job – congratulations! That implies that you will move into a new apartment where there is some rent to cover and many bills to pay and ample furniture to purchase.

You would need some new work wardrobe and you would want to get some meal or drink in your new neighborhood hot destination. All these aspects cost a lot of money. The chances are that the job that you have taken up does not pay well as you would have wanted. Read more

What Are The Most Promising Jobs For The Future

promising jobs

The finest jobs are there in the hottest markets like medicine, consulting and economy. How will you ascertain the best promising jobs for the next ten years? You need to follow the best trends. A workforce that is aging requires more of assistance for affordable medicine. The worldwide competition means more work for the consultants with the proper management experience. Read more

Stress Management: Jobs You Should Avoid If You’re Not Able to Work Under Pressure

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Do you come under pressure quite often? Do you crumble under stress? You may start a career in education or science rather than in healthcare. You may utilize data from the occupational information network which is an American department of labor database that has complete details on various jobs. There are at least twenty-nine professions that you need to avoid in case you do not like stress. Read more

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