A Review of Some of the Best Electric Lawn Mowers on the Market

Let’s just say it’s reasonable here that electric lawn mowers are not right for all jobs. This lawn mower is suitable for small lawns and flat terrain. However, you will enjoy the many benefits of using an electric or battery-powered lawn mower. Just to name a few, they are quiet, have low emissions, have no gas or kerosene and require no maintenance.

One of the most popular models on the market is Toro’s e-Cycler. In fact, this is a new homeowner model offered by Toro. The e-Cycler is a battery-powered cordless lawn mower with a built-in 36-volt system that can pass 7000-10000 square feet of lawn on a single charge. The battery is 70% charged within three hours and 100% charged overnight. It also comes with a 20 inch cutting table for excellent coverage. Other features include a lightweight design – weighs just 77 pounds, easy-to-use controls and a 2-year warranty.

Another well-known company that supplies electric lawn mowers is Cub Cadet. There are two models on the market: CC 500 EL and CC 500 BAT. The CC 500 EL is a corded electric lawn mower and a 19 inch steel mower. The CC500 BAT is equipped with a 48 volt removable battery. Both electric models are push grass mowers and both use Cub Cadet’s unique CycloCut cutting technology to achieve excellent mulching. Comes with a 2 year limited stay guarantee.

Neuton also has a good reputation in the manufacture of electric lawn mowers. Two models are supplied: CE5 and CE6. Both machines are powered by Duracell batteries. CE5 is suitable for small lawns, while CE6 can operate for up to an hour (depending on the terrain and grass conditions). If you need more time, you can install an optional spare battery. The battery is fully charged within 12 hours and can last up to five years.

Electric lawn mowers are quiet, clean and efficient and great for small lawns. Compared to lawn mowers, they have lower operating costs and require less maintenance. However, some people will not like it, but they will like a more powerful lawn mower.

Electric Lawn Mowers Can Be an Easy Choice

Today, consumers are increasingly paying attention to their environment when deciding what type of goods to buy. When it comes to lawn and garden tools, power tools may be more suitable for those concerned about environmental hazards.

However, many people are skeptical about purchasing power garden tools because they are concerned about sacrificing quality, power or speed. Electric lawn mowers may be subject to the strictest control of all equipment, as they require longevity, strength and sometimes the speed at which to complete the job in a timely and efficient manner. There are many benefits to using electric powered lawn mowers.

One of the main advantages of an electric lawn mower is that you don’t have to constantly buy gasoline and kerosene to operate and maintain the machine. Don’t worry about troublesome oil changes and siphon for the winter, let alone wondering how to get rid of the harmful fluids you want to get rid of. Using an electric lawn mower does away with the other part of maintenance, namely replacing the spark plug and air filter. In short, in the long run, switching to an electric lawn mower can save money on gasoline, oil, air filters and spark plugs, not to mention the chaos caused by maintenance, disassembly and disposal of such items.

There are many electric lawn mower manufacturers including Black and Decker, Remington and Neuton. All high-end lawn mowers from these companies can be compared to traditional gasoline-powered lawn mowers. The lawn mower can be powered by wired, cordless and rechargeable batteries. Cordless lawn mowers are especially suitable for those who tend to larger gardens. Electric lawn mowers are much quieter than gas mowers and generally lighter.

The biggest problem in choosing an electric lawn mower over a gas mower is sacrificing power. When it comes to mowing, the power behind the blade is probably the most important function of a lawn mower, so it deserves attention. Electric lawn mower manufacturers insist that they don’t sacrifice power to provide an eco-friendly, lightweight, and quiet way to maintain your yard.


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