Lawn Mowers Will Have a Longer Lifespan Using These Basic Servicing Tips

Regular cleaning and maintenance of the lawnmower can extend and extend its life. If you perform maintenance inspections as recommended, each lawnmower may be different due to its design and type. Each lawnmower has different maintenance specifications depending on whether it is fuel or electric, push type or self-propelled. – Behind lawn mower, or driving lawn mower.

Below is a list of important cleaning and maintenance recommendations.

  1. Clean the underside of the mower deck to remove dirt and grass clippings.
  2. Sharpen the blades at least once every mowing and mowing season, or about twice a year.
  3. Change the oil every spring or summer.
  4. If the air filter is dirty or clean or replace it every mowing season.
  5. Replace the spark plug if there are many deposits on the inner tip.
  6. Drain the gas from the tank and place it in a suitable storage tank.
  7. Keep the mower away from extremely cold weather at the end of the mowing season.

With electric lawnmowers, be sure to unplug the power cord before performing any repairs and maintenance. For cordless electric lawnmowers, remove the protective key before cleaning the underside of the lawnmower deck. Keep your knives sharp; using a gas powered lawnmower will extend the life of the engine, cutting deck and blades.

To extend the service life, stop the power battery unit before the power is exhausted. If you have a cordless electric lawn mower, avoid mowing and if the power supply stops working, plug in a charger. Completely depleting the current will shorten the life. The new one will cost you about $100 or so. If you are not repairing or mowing the lawn, you can continue to charge at any time.

For those who have a riding lawnmower, make sure to clean the underdeck several times during each mowing season; remove the housing according to the manufacturer’s instructions for use. Riders have larger cutting blades and wider mowing areas, which tend to accumulate more debris than typical lawnmowers. Keep the blade sharp and scrape the grass several times a year; clean the blade at the mulcher immediately after each use.

If you have any questions or need to troubleshoot, read the brand’s website, owner’s manual, or view the lawnmower for more information. If you can’t repair your lawnmower, you can take it to a professional lawnmower.

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